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Spanish Language Courses


film screening: "A Gun In Each Hand"

J. has got everything but nevertheless he is depressed. On the contrary E. who has nothing else but a cat, lives nicely even he´s returned to his mother´s house to live. S. tries to get back to ...

film screening: "Carmina Or Blow Up"

Carmina is a 58 year old lady that runs an inn in Seville where Iberian pork produce is sold. After several robberies and not finding support from the insurance company, she makes up a way to recover ...

workshop: "Camino de Santiago"

20/11/2014 - 11/12/2014
Instituto Cervantes introduces these unique workshops focussing on Camino de Santiago. By a series of films, artistic and literary works, the sessions will concentrate on the significance of the ...


Faculty of Arts. Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies


Translator’s Corner

Virtual classrooms for translating between Spanish and a range of languages, real time translation workshops and forums to discuss any doubts.
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