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Spanish Language Courses


record launch: "El Chojín in Concert"

El Chojín is one of the essential model of Hip-Hop scene in Spain.He is the Mc with more vynils in the market. His work is characterised by quality flow and a deep social critic that his themes ...

performance: "The Voice of Our Classics"

The National Classical Theatre Company (CNTC, as per its initials in Spanish) presents a performance by three of its more experienced actors, accompanied of a musician performing live. The Dublin ...

film screening: "A Gun In Each Hand"

J. has got everything but nevertheless he is depressed. On the contrary E. who has nothing else but a cat, lives nicely even he´s returned to his mother´s house to live. S. tries to get back to ...


Faculty of Arts. Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies


Translator’s Corner

Virtual classrooms for translating between Spanish and a range of languages, real time translation workshops and forums to discuss any doubts.
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